Trail Running in Arcos

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. –Paulo Coelho, Brazilian poet and writer.

Calvin and Hobbes

Image sourced from Brain Pickings

These days, I run alongside open fields. Just wide open fields. Occasionally, there’s a cute little white dog running around who likes to stand by Casa de Miguel. I think it’s because he thinks his name is Miguel. Other times, I notice the pair of German Shepherds just over the fence of a farmer’s land. They bark but then their wagging tails give them away. They’re actually quite friendly too.

The open fields are always empty. On an early evening run, I can see these trails bordering between peaceful and a little scary. Yet it’s so close to town, which sits on a towering hill that you can see in every direction, that you can’t help but feel safe all the time. It ¬†helps that the sound of the church bells carry out into the valley.

And the orange trees… I only wish I could reach across the fences to grab the ripe ones. Luckily, they also line the plazas throughout Arcos. They’re all over the city!




I think I could get used to this. And Smashrun could do with a bit of elevation data to test with.

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