June 2013 – end of month running report

The easy run month. I know I’m not supposed to cop out and neglect my training schedule, but a rising heat index isn’t the most conducive for hard runs, which ruled out most of my speedwork. Blah.

Last month’s Cooper Test also left me a bit out of it for the first week of June and I finally gave in and bought a pair of compression sleeves for my knees. So far, so good! The compression felt a little weird, at first, but you get used to it and it seems to work. Two weeks in and recovery feels quicker.

I wear the Blitz Knee Compression Sleeve after a tough run – size was smaller than I expected and crazy tight. I switch to the Shock Doctor sleeve when my legs get restless and cramp from sitting still all day. I’m not sure if they work for everyone, but I’m pretty happy with my decision to have them around in case I need them!

Here’s what worked:

  • Morning runs for the win! They worked in the past. I might as well keep it up to avoid the heat.
  • Indulging on easy days meant warding off potential injury. R.I.C.E. and then M.I.C.E.
  • Fartleks are a better option than Tempos on warmer days. It’s nice to have a choice.
  • Jumping in a cold pool post-run. Any run. Reduces inflammation!
  • It’s better to have at least one quality run in a week than none at all – good for morale.

Here’s what didn’t work:

  • Trying to run hard even when my RHR tells me I’ve overtrained is pointless.
  • Sprintwork in the summer. Haha.
  • Running to a sushi place, having lunch, and then (struggling) to run back home. Brilliant plan.

Another busy month with Smashrun but, perhaps, a different kind of busy. The paperwork kind. Taxes and bookkeeping. I mean, I like dealing with numbers but I thoroughly dislike QuickBooks. We also rolled out annotated runs and we’ve been busy working on weekly reports. It’s been ridiculous trying to re-wire my brain to work between balancing accounts, testing functionalities, blogging, and design work. That said, Smashrun’s July schedule is showing a lot of promise.

Thinking this month will be the month of short runs with bursts of speed. Lots of easy runs if it’s too hot, steady state runs if it’s manageable. I’m adding back the power drills and I think I’m gonna start logging my RHR every morning. I’m really curious to see how much my sleeping habits – or lack of sleep – affects my recovery. Should be interesting.

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