Smashrun Launches Garmin Integration and GPX, TCX, HRM Support

Smashrun’s new importer enables a seamless transition for Garmin users, while GPX/TCX support makes it possible to upload data collected by running apps

Smashrun, a web-based analytical platform for runners, launches Garmin Connect integration and makes it easier for runners to import data from running apps. By supporting Garmin devices and GPX, TCX, and HRM files, Smashrun extends its functionalities to a larger demographic of runners who use more than one app or device for tracking their runs.

Current Garmin users can import their entire running history from Garmin Connect or upload individual and bulk runs using a GPX or TCX file, while runners who use other running apps can also upload files as long as their run data is in GPX or TCX format. A new FAQ addresses how Smashrun processes GPS data.

Users of mobile apps can also take advantage of Smashrun’s Import via Email function, a new feature that automatically imports a GPX or TCX attachment sent to a specific Smashrun account. Certain running apps have the ability to email a file export as soon as an activity is finished. Smashrun users can forward that email to their account and the import process will run immediately.

Smashrun aims to support additional devices and integrate directly with certain running apps over the next few months. New users should register on to gain more training insight. For updates, follow us on, Twitter or Facebook.

About Smashrun

Smashrun is an analytical web-based dashboard for runners. It creates data visualizations that help runners analyze training history by exposing patterns, dependencies, and relationships in their data. Smashrun began as a personal project in late 2009 and exited beta in January 2012. It is based in Brooklyn, NY and is an alumni of Start-Up Chile.

To learn more about Smashrun, read our story, get in touch with @jcklngrn, or drop us a message at hi(at)smashrun(dot)com.

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