Prepping for Beach Ford’s 5k

It’s been forever since my last race and I’ve been itching to register for all sort of events throughout summer. Since we’re basically counting days until we move (29 days to be exact!), Chris and I finally decided to sign up for a local event just to get a feel for where we stand on our training.

It’s too bad because, I feel like I already missed my peak over the summer and I’ve only been heading down in terms of speed since the start of August. Although, I’ve resumed regular 10k’s and I’ve been going for more controlled speedwork so that’s all good!

The 5k is on Saturday. I ran a 10k this past Saturday, an easy 5k yesterday, and 6 pick-ups today.. thinking the rest of the week will take a riskier path than my usual conservative preparation for most races.

Tuesday: 10K race pace + 35-40s

Wednesday: 1mi warm up, 2x1mi @ 5k race pace, 1mi cool down

Thursday: 5k easy + six 30s pick-ups, 30s RI

Friday: 1mi warm up, 4x400m @ 5k race pace + 30s, 1mi cool down

Aggressive for me. I have the worst turnover at the start of every run so I’m hedging my bets on a PR and running this one like I really want it.

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