March 2013: end of month running report

March was such a relief after the short month of February. I did more cross-training last month, but I also had fewer run days so I was tired almost all the time.

This month started out with very little structure, but I eventually got around to picking up my pace. It’s still kind of free form, although I’m aiming for more runs that build stamina in April. My March runs included some steady state runs to get used to my pacing, one run around the track to get reacquainted with sprints, and had my first speed workout towards the end of the month.

I’m trying to move away from the generic ‘maintenance’ runs, but my knees aren’t too happy yet with picking up speed. I might have to get creative with my recovery runs so I can keep up the mileage.

Next month, I’ll write a more detailed account of my running. Seeing as that I’m 458 days into my streak, I should probably start paying close attention to the minute details and make sure I can keep this up.

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