452 days of running and Smashrun’s 3rd birthday

I run because it makes me happy. Everyday, without hesitation.

It’s not easy because you’re always at the mercy of what the weather brings. It rains, I run. Snow? Still a run day. Below freezing? Ninja-style running! Fully wrapped up. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep going, but I don’t see it stopping anytime soon so I’m making the most of it.

Badass runner’s legs: check. Eat what I want out of the fridge: double-check. Hot dog snackings: approved.

I’m lucky that I’m working full-time, and like a maniac on Smashrun – a startup I co-founded about a year ago. She turned 3 years old on March 23rd and changing very rapidly. I handle her creative side and try to keep her UI under control.

It’s been a real challenge… but truly rewarding. I’ve learned so much that it’s been real difficult trying to keep track of valuable resources, much less, trying to remember what I just discovered a month ago about sprite sheet animations.

Here goes attempt #3 at keeping up with the blogging. I’m banking on third time’s the charm.

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